Social media marketing

Social networks feed on trust, credibility, image and substance. The information must be immediate and authoritative.

Anyone can create a profile on a social network, but managing it properly for promotional, commercial and advertising purposes requires an approach that is:

  • strategic (identify the target using the logic not only of social networks but of business networks)
  • creative (a “like” is a vote of trust on the part of the reader and we must not ignore their expectations)
  • technical (to increase sharing, manage privacy, enhance indexing)
  • professional (one must create and manage one-to-one relationships on social networks; it’s not enough just to copy content from the company website)

In the continuous, frenzied flow of digital information, it becomes difficult for companies to communicate to customers and institutional partners the value of their offer. IdeaDinamica is skilled at creating and delivering content, because we are:

  • a publisher of online newspapers and specialized magazines: from turnkey newspapers to information on social networks
  • a communication agency specialized in media relations and digital PR
  • a producer of journalistic content for others
  • a consulting company in social media marketing and web 2.0

• an audio-visual production company.