Who has chosen to work with us?

Many authoritative companies have already chosen us. Why should you choose IdeaDinamica?

  • to increase your business opportunities and your brand reputation on the web.
  • to exit the buzz (network commotion) and enter the biz (business).

Here are some examples of the value we can bring:


IdeaDinamica takes care of the entire supply chain of a publication, from initial contact with the author to the targeted distribution in the market.

Each text is unique because it is tailor-made according to the topic at hand. To bring it to life, we develop supporting graphics – original illustrations and quality infographics – and, of course, we proofread texts meticulously.

Among the active titles, there are journalistic investigations and photographic reports (some of which are grouped together in the series “Il Tacco d’Italia / Millennium”), texts of a medical nature (“Health Communication Notebooks”) and pamphlets on socio-political issues.