It was in 2010 that, for the first time, we started hearing about the impending “Xylella emergency”. According to Rodrigo Almeida, a professor at the University of Berkeley, California, the bacterium, Xylella fastidiosa, was known to have infested vines and citrus trees. Overseas, not in Europe. Not in Puglia.

So why, since then, without any scientific evidence, has the decimation of Puglia’s olive trees been attributed to Xylella? Why are extraordinary plans enacted, studies commissioned, trees uprooted?

The Xylella Report was Marilù Mastrogiovanni’s work to shed light on this story.

Her investigative and verification work resulted in a website and the inquiry-book “Xylella report – You’re killing the forest. Attack on the olive trees of Salento”.

We are currently working on the second volume, which will be available soon.